Vogue Performance has been reviewing various carbon fiber exhaust tips from multiple manufacturer’s for a few months now.  We think we have found the right mix of quality, availability, and price for our customers.  Custom exhaust is a business that requires the installers have options to satisfy customer wants.  A small sample of the new product line can be seen here.  These exhaust tips are of very high quality, with a focus on fit and finish.  We believe the price point will meet our target customers expectations, a custom exhaust product that appears as though it should be placed on a $2,500 exhaust system, but at affordable prices.

Initially, vogue performance custom exhaust online store will have some standard sizes, 2.5″ – 3″ in / 4″-5″ out, single and dual, round, oval, and slant cut.

We should have the fill line of carbon fiber exhaust tips ready for shipping in Miller Place, NY before April 30, our online store and Facebook store will be updated as well as twitter and Google+.