High Performance Custom Exhaust Brohman MI

Custom Exhaust in Brohman, MI now available at Doornbos Repair Services

Experience custom exhausts in a way you’ve never imagined. Cat-back exhaust, custom exhausts, and performance exhaust systems made to YOUR specifications. Why wait for a mega-giant or boutique company to come out with a custom exhaust for your car? Get one made the way YOU want it at Doornbos with VPExhaust!

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Custom Exhaust Brohman MI

Why spend thousands of dollars on something that hangs under your car? Get the same effect you are looking for, for much less money, with a custom made Vogue Performance Exhaust. Every exhaust is hand-made, on-site, just the way you want it. Most jobs can be done in just a few hours.  We build custom cat-back exhausts, muffler-delete, true dual exhausts, and anything else you can imagine.

Whether you want your Ford F-150 EcoBoost, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Mustang 5.0, Subaru Imprezza WRX STi, resto-mod, or Jeep Wrangler to roar as you travel down the street.  Are looking to increase airflow and efficiency in your Cummins diesel truck or turbo 4-cylinder car?  Vogue Performance Exhaust will custom design your system to fit your exact vehicle, matched by expert installation and a lifetime guarantee against defects. With over 200 custom installation centers across the United States, Vogue Performance Exhaust has built their reputation on an uncompromising dedication to fabricating the finest quality after-market systems, expertly fabricated based on your specific vehicle, for a look and sound that commands attention on the road.

We also do OEM repair work, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, and install performance parts of all types.

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Custom Exhaust Brohman MI

We offer a wide range of auto services for all types of vehicles at Doornbos Repair Services. Please call (231) 689-1100 for an exact quote on your car, pickup, truck, or RV.

If you are in Brohman, MI or the surrounding areas in Newaygo County, we serve you! Give us a call or stop by our shop for more information.


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