From time to time, we get video testimonials from our dealers and our customers.  We like to share those customers thoughts on both the end-product and their experience in working with Vogue Performance Exhaust Shop when possible.

The custom exhaust business is a “want” business, meaning, the consumers of the product aren’t stranded from a broken-down car, or angry because their truck isn’t performing properly.  These are people who thought about, made plans, and are excited to see you.   They are coming to your shop with the expectation of happiness.  They know when they leave, their custom exhaust system is going to either revive their love for their vehicle, or give them a feeling of power when driving.  Nothing turns heads as frequently as a custom exhaust system.

Our 250+ local exhaust shops custom make and install exhausts every single day.  Cat-back, muffler delete, straight pipes, dual exhaust, custom exhaust, and catalytic converter work.  There is no waiting for parts or paying for delivery, everything is on site, ready to be custom fit to your specifications.  Every custom exhaust system is unique to that vehicle and that owners, you will truly leave a Vogue Performance Exhaust dealer with something special.  We make exhausts to fit every budget, from a simple 2″ OEM replacement for a 1989 Toyota Camry to a full 3″ dual custom exhaust on a 2015 Ford Mustang GT, Vogue Performance exhaust shops are equipped to handle it all.   Most systems can be made in less than two hours, so we wont keep you waiting.

Check out this testimonial from Big O Tire in Cheyenne, WY , a Vogue Performance Exhaust dealer, and satisfied customer.

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