Road and Track writes about four exhaust related posts on their blog per month.  We at Vogue Performance Exhaust like to share these with our customer base to reinforce how much of an impact exhaust sound has over peoples impressions of of a vehicle.  As we say here, “It’s All About The Sound”.

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“What used to be just one of many great naturally-aspirated engines also became sort of a dinosaur, with Lamborghini being the last volume manufacturer refusing to use forced induction in its supercars. And even they will go twin-turbo (hybrid) for their SUV. The Urus might turn out to be the fastest five-door in the land, but it won’t sound anything like this”

Custom Exhausts and Performance Exhausts for just about any car, at prices that cannot be beat.  That’s what Vogue Performance Exhaust is all about.   250+ locations in the USA.  Custom exhaust, true dual exhaust, cat-back exhaust, muffler deletes, custom tips, electronic valves, we do it all.  Get it made the way YOU want it.

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