Customer Service is job one at Vogue Performance Exhaust.  We take pride in working with our customers to meet their expectations of our products and services.  Below is a small sample of gratitude from our customers.  We thank them for taking the time to put their thoughts online in hopes of helping another business owner achieve their goals.


Read What Our Customers Have To Say:

I am a brand new VP dealer, we were thrilled with the training, the machine is very easy to use. We put the exhaust cut out with the remote control on a 1953 pick up truck, its really cool you can go from stock exhaust to custom exhaust with a press of a button, the customer absolutely loved it!!! I would definitely recommend Vogue to another shop ANYTIME!!!

-David Shields, Davids Auto and Diesel Center, TX


I was very skeptical prior to joining, Ronnie and the crew quickly made a Believer out of me. I got new customers just like he said I would, and its actually nice to have people in the store that want to be here versus needing to be. Plus I am making Extra profits. This was a great move for me.

-Dave Kunzler, Kunzler Tire Port Jefferson, NY


The exhaust business is New to us, and I have to say we Learned from the best, Vogue Performance!!! Products Are Amazing, my service writers have something new and exciting to talk about. My techs love it as well. I recommend it!  At the training we did a 1965 GTO that came out AMAZING. I owned this Car since I am 14 yrs old, and I was skeptical. Not anymore. They did a Fabulous job.

-Jack Floyd, Big O Tire, Cheyenne, WY


Great Company!, its been a nice add on for us, we put exhaust on Brand New Trucks, its Awesome.

-Jerry Fernandez, Purifoy Chevrolet, Fort Lupton, CO


The Company has done everything they said, and then some!! I am a big advocate for Customer service. Vogue is as well. If you call them, they call you right back, if you email them, they email you right back. I am more than pleased with there service. I would recommend them.

-Mitch Peronto, Hi Line European Auto, Downers Grove, IL


This is one of the better moves I have made for my shop. Ronnie is a man of his word. I had a bad situation where I needed another  training, Ronnie made it happen. He flew one of his trainers to my store at a time when I Needed it the most.  When I asked him for the bill. He told me, don’t worry about. I cant believe it, this was years and years ago, and I still cant believe it. My advice, DO IT!!

-Bill Schuh, Perfection Auto, Plattsmouth, NE


I am brand new, I was just trained. I will say the trainer was very thorough and Patient. The Company has done exactly what they said they would. I get a lot of phone calls from  salesman, I usually blow them off. I am glad that I took Ronnie’s call!!  We now have another service to offer.

-Steve Colella, Secane Auto and Truck Works, Secane, PA