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Experience performance exhausts
in a way you’ve never imagined

Experience performance exhausts in a way you’ve never imagined. Custom exhaust, cat-back exhausts, and performance exhaust systems made to YOUR specifications.  Why wait for a mega-giant or boutique company to come out with a custom exhaust for your car?  Get one made the way YOU want it at Vogue Performance Exhaust!

Customization Shop Key Benefits

  • Custom build stainless steel exhausts no other shop can offer
  • Offer same-day service to your customers
  • Price that beats internet pricing
  • Offer a lifetime warranty
  • Engine ECU remapping


Get the most horsepower out of your car, truck or SUV. Vogue Performance Exhaust systems can help your vehicle’s overall performance.


You will notice improvements in your vehicle’s overall performance with a Vogue Performance Exhaust. From efficiency to power, it will enhance your driving experience.


Increase the flow capability of your engine to make it more powerful. Our custom exhaust systems can deliver a boost of torque and horsepower for your vehicle.


Vogue Performance Exhaust systems are built to last! We take no short cuts and put high emphasis on the life and quality of our product.


What sounds better than a badass exhaust? Our custom exhaust systems have your vehicle sounding awesome without shattering nearby glass.


Our custom exhaust systems can make your vehicle more efficient on fuel by getting the performance out of your car that you desire without making it work extra hard.


Custom exhaust, cat back exhaust, performance exhaust, catalytic converters, Diesel Particulate Filters, and ECU Tuning.  This is all we do at Vogue Performance Exhaust!   We have over 300 locations in the US to serve you.